Dry Ice Plus along with its co-workers in Athens were the first companies that extensively pioneered dry ice applications and its use in businesses.

Dry Ice Plus is the first company in Greece with a bartenders and chefs team devoted to the development of new techniques and applications of dry ice in the food & beverage industry. Therefore, our business partners can be in the knowhow of the latest developments and happenings.


Dry Ice Plus is in frequent contact with partners and colleagues around the world, so we’re up to date with new trends and techniques pioneered in the food sector, especially those related to dry ice. Our know how places Dry Ice Plus as the leading company in the food and beverage sector.


When a company expresses an interest to collaborate with us, our acceptance is conditional upon staff training. It is essential for us that the multiple applications and great potential of dry ice is fully understood by our new partners in Ho.Re.Ca business (Hotels-Restaurants-Café)

For this reason, we offer full staff training without any additional cost. Once a company expresses interest a specialist partner will visit you and show you the most appropriate applications and techniques that match the profile and style of your company. We aim dry ice use is targeted and done in complete safety.


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