Thermal Wings

Protection in Temperature Controlled Product Shipments with Isothermal Cover for Pallets

For the transport of products such as Fruits, Medicines, Foods, etc., with a temperature range of +6° C, +8° C, +15° C, +25° C, +30° C, we present you the Isothermal Cover for Pallets THERMAL-WINGS®.

With THERMAL-WINGS® cover you protect each pallet from large temperature fluctuations.

THERMAL-WINGS® minimize the increase in temperature (Temperature Excursion) by:

  • Direct sun exposure (Radiant Heat)
  • By air (Convection)
  • Through Conduction

THERMAL WINGS® isothermal covers have the lowest coefficient of thermal conductivity (λ), resulting in much better performance than pallet thermal blankets.


The THERMAL WINGS® isothermal covers are available in the following dimensions:

  • 120x80x150cm (Euro Pallet)
  • 120x100x150cm (Industrial Pallet)


  • Protection against product temperature fluctuations
  • Easy & fast installation by one person
  • Multipurpose
  • They protect your products from high temperatures while they are waiting for reloading.
  • Also provide protection from low outside temperatures, and maintain product temperatures at the desired levels.