About Us

The company was founded in 2012 at Thessaloniki starting with two customer support departments, the Dry Ice Thessaloniki wich covered the needs of Ho.Re.Ca business and Dry Ice Evolution which covered the industrial business part.

The company is primarily focused on Dry Ice

The continuous company growth resulted in merging the two departments under one new brand, Dry Ice Plus.

Since the beginning, the company is key partnered and solely representative of ENSEN

The initial goal of the company is to inform and promote the dynamics and variety of applications of dry ice to the business and industrial area of northern Greece.

Our company together with ENSEN were among the first companies of Greece which dealt exclusively with dry ice and applied its applications among various market areas all over Greece.



Soon, a greater viewpoint was concieved via the strategic collaboration between Dry Ice Plus and ENSEN which resulted in business growth in Greece and abroad, creating new and revolution products to be used with dry ice and lastly, evolving the group to one of the top companies of the South East side of the Mediterranean.




At the moment, we are proud because we are the first and only purely Greek company with its own production of dry ice and one of the leading groups in the industry in Greece and the Balkans.
We support various categorized businesses in mainland and insular territory.


Our investment in research and development resulted in gaining technological know-how making us able to provide complete solutions based on our customer needs.

From customer support to the application specialists and from the food supply chain to the technical part, we operate according to the best offered response to the customer needs, always aiming for the best service.

This is who we are.


Why choose Dry Ice Plus?

Dry Ice Plus is ready at any time to quickly and directly serve any client- from the smallest local firm to the largest export company throughout Greece.

For us, serving each customer throughout the duration of our collaboration, is the cornerstone of our corporate identity. 

Dry Ice Plus, with all the experience and expertise gained, is ready to offer the best and cleaner quality of dry ice regarding transportation and food processing, Ho.Re.Ca businesses, transporting pharmaceutical products, cleaning of industrial sites.