Fog Effect Machines

Dry ice Plus has the capacity to hire a large number of low fog machines (dry ice fog machine). This gives us the opportunity to create excellent stunning effects at any event ranging from a wedding to a concert.

We have participated in various events, creating low fog effects. Events such as VIP weddings, catwalk fashion, wedding exhibitions, concerts, fashion and wedding photography, theatre, special parties, brand promotions, effects in pools and sea, videogames presentations, street projects, business openings and more.

Our CHAUVET NIMBUS machines are considered the top professional dry ice machines (low fog) in the world. The CHAUVET is able to fill an 80 - 100 square meter area with thick fog in less than 60 seconds!. The production of special effects is one of the most widespread ways for using dry ice worldwide.

Fog created by dry ice is thick, dense, '' heavy'' and created exactly the same way the fog is created in nature. That is, by condensation of water vapour in the atmosphere. The fog of dry ice does not contain any chemical substances, glycol, or oil. It is literally a water based fog.

Fog created by dry ice does not rise up in the air and thus it doesn’t risk triggering smoke detectors, as it is heavier than air.

Dry ice covers the ground, it rolls on the stairs hugging the stairs, and swirls if someone walked in between. It does not create faint rays as the mist created by glycol and does not create fine mist in the air like fog created by oil engines does. The dry ice fog is odourless, does not contain any chemical substance and leaves no residue.