Packaging – Transportation

Our company can guarantee that the transport of either samples or entire orders, especially to long-haul destinations, can be made with safety, low cost and above all knowing that the products will reach their destination in the same perfect condition they started.

The expertise we have acquired on product packaging and transport and our great experience working with the largest companies of Greece - helping to pack and send their products to every continent- makes Dry ice Plus the most reliable strategic partner for your company.



We can provide EPS boxes, with or without card boxes, designed for temperature controlled shipping.

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In more details the dry ice use is indicated in:

Airline transportation
Most airlines rely on dry ice for on-board cooling, especially on long-haul flights. Dry ice slabs are placed in food trolleys to keep food and drinks chilled or frozen until it is time to prepare/ serve.

Dry ice is popular within the airline industry because of its many benefits:

  • it can insure effective refrigeration power
  • sublimates without leaving any residue (i.e. no risk of soggy food)
  • is non-toxic
  • is non-flammable
  • is tasteless and odorless

Food Packaging and Distribution
Dry ice is highly recommended for transporting refrigerated or frozen goods [+ 8 ° C to -78° C], especially when transport takes 1 day or more.

Medical Samples & Pharmaceutical Distribution
Dry ice is commonly used to transport biological samples (i.e. tissue, blood) and temperature-sensitive biomedical/ pharmacological products during the shipping process. Dry ice is often used for since it offers extended cooling for the payload.

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